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Our School

           A place that is abuzz with children doing purposeful work, just as the leaves of the Peepal is always moving even when there is no apparent breeze, while it continues to do its own work. The children are in constant movement continuously learning irrespective of the surroundings. Dr. Montessori believed that education must attend to the potential of the child, the limits of which are unknown.  Every child is born with the immense potential he needs in order to develop. His absorbent mind helps him adapt to the environment. He creates himself using everything around him, including relationships. When the conditions surrounding the child are good, he in turn adapts and develops well. We at Little Peepal therefore, as adults and educators, put aside our own ego and address the needs of the children before our own.

During his early years (till the age of 6), the child absorbs everything around him in his environment as a sponge does. The impressions that are ensconced in his mind by his experiences in the environment are the basis from which the child develops his spirit, personality, values and character.

We are always aware that a child is never too young to be exposed to new things since his absorption powers are indiscriminate and limitless. It is the responsibility of the adults to create a positive environment from which the child will learn and ensure that the conditions are optimal for his capacities to fully take shape and express themselves.

Little Peepal believes in helping children develop into free and disciplined individuals who have the curiosity and exploratory mind to observe, ask questions and understand with self propelled work. We certainly cannot get past popular knowledge of the Peepal tree being the “Tree of Enlightenment”; the tree under which Gautama Buddha got enlightenment (Bodhi tree). In that spirit, we definitely hope to help the children know and understand all that they should while they are with us at Little Peepal laying the foundation for a healthy adulthood.

Malvika Venkat

Founder & AMI Certified Montessori Educator.