Malvika Venkat


Is Montessori the right fit?

Parents unfamiliar with the Montessori teaching method may be inclined to believe that a classroom full of “free” children allowed to do what they want will be chaotic; a rule-free, out-of-control classroom. Instead, however, in just five minutes, most parents are pleasantly surprised (and a little confused) about how organised the room is, and quiet too.

The Throwing Arm

We often see little children throwing any and everything within their arm’s reach. They literally throw the object, watch it fall, walk up to it and pick it up and throw it again. My own child is going through the stage where she wants to be picked up by an adult and then throw some object down to the floor from that height, and repeat it as many times as someone is willing to pick it up and give it back to her. Her favourite ‘pick up’ companion is her uncle who doesn’t tire from picking up the pen she keeps flinging in every direction a million times.