Day Care (1.5 years to 6 years)

Little Peepal Day Care is an extension of Little Peepal Montessori which functions exclusively for parents who want their children to experience Montessori upbringing even though they may currently be attending non-Montessori schools. The Day Care is for children between the ages of 1.5 years and 6 years and is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on all weekdays.

The Day Care is managed by trained adults under the supervision of the certified Montessori teachers. They are trained in the Montessori classroom and have experience in enabling learning by following the child’s natural need to learn.

The early years of development are the most crucial as the child’s brain develops more than 90% in the first 5 years of life. By introducing the Montessori way of life and learning, which is indeed very similar to our own age-old Indian traditions of bringing up children, we can cultivate self-sufficient, confident and responsible little children who will have a lifelong love for learning. Montessori in the early years lays the foundation for all learning that is to follow.

What are the Benefits of the Montessori based Day Care at Little Peepal?

Mixed Age group where the children can work together and learn from each other and function as a community with respect for all.

Specially Prepared Environment that invites the child to choose activities freely and work with them for as long as they need to master it to their satisfaction.

Indoor and outdoor learning to help the child develop gross motor skills and social etiquette that is required in group play.

Healthy snacks that the children will be involved in preparing as well, which encourages them to eat as well.

Freedom with responsibility is given to every child in the Day Care which develops trust and a sense of “I can” in the child.

Child sized furniture and equipment that promotes independence by making the children self-sufficient.

“We understand that in today’s busy lifestyle and progressively demanding workplaces, parents are in need of a place that they can trust, that will not only care for their child but also give them enriching experiences and avenues of learning. Many of our own parents expressed the need to find a place for their child to go to after school at Little Peepal Montessori. It was in fact because of many such requests that we realized that parents are not looking for just any good Day Care, but a place that can benefit their child the Montessori way. And since we at Little Peepal love the Montessori pedagogy, we thought that it will be beneficial to all to incorporate it into the Day Care as well. The children have the same freedom within set limits, that we offer in our classrooms, and everyone has the opportunity to develop responsible independence, while also exploring activities in practical life, sensorial, language and mathematics. Children from other non-Montessori schools also find themselves very happily engaged thanks to the Montessori practices adopted here. They look forward to coming to Little Peepal Day Care.”

–Malvika Venkat