Summer Camp (2.5 years to 6 years)

Summer has always been a time for fun and play.

Little Peepal Montessori offers an enjoyable and educational summer programme for children aged 2.5 to 6 years for three weeks every summer, generally commencing with the summer holidays.

It is a unique combination of both indoor Montessori principles and fun activities and crafts. Everyday outdoor play is also mandatory at Little Peepal Montessori. However, the programmes and activities change every year and no two weeks are the same.

We believe completely in the Montessori principles that we strive to uphold every day and that can evident in everything we do with the children. We find that no matter where the children are from, they settle in quite easily with the practices followed at our school, and even find joy and comfort in it because they discover just how freeing it is to be trusted to do what is expected. It may seem contradictory to what we know of children but the truth is that children want to be shown how and be given clear and acceptable parameters within which they are free to explore. And so, we get many repeat enrolments every year.

The activities and programmes during the summer camp are planned and organized with age appropriate opportunities to widen the experiences for the children.

It varies every year but typically in our summer camps, the well-rounded activities and programmes can include:

Art and Crafts

Music and Movement

Cooking without fire

Balloon Sculpting

T-shirt Painting


Puppet Show


Story Time

Instrumental Music Recitals

Self-defense for children

Good Touch, Bad Touch programmes

Outdoor Play

The Summer Camp also gives parents and the littles ones a glimpse into what may be experienced in a Montessori classroom. It is especially helpful for children for whom our school will be the first experience away from home and they may benefit from the extra time to be phased in. Children enrolled in the Summer Camp also get preference in school admissions because of their experiences in the environment which will enable an easy transition from home to school.