We are so grateful to Little people Montessori, as our elder son finished two years of instruction and left with confidence, leadership, and knowledge. He got improved on his social skills enormously, he is courteous and respectful and more assertive. We were little anxious when we transferred him to CBSE board for 1st standard from Montessori, but he picked up the curriculam so good and now he tops in every subject in his class. I wanted to post the copy his report card here but couldn’t since there is no provision in this review tab for that. He scored centum in Math’s, and above 95% in all the other subjects.

He has been given homework and will do it on his own. He is very independent. He is eager to help with chores, cooking and cleaning. He has become more creative and adventurous.

Thank you to all the staff for making my son’s early education the best!!
Velam S M, Parent
We have had a wonderful experience with Little Peepal Montessori. My son has been with them for the last three years and I can undoubtedly say that he has had the right kind of head start. The environment is so beautifully structured and organized that it “calls out” to the children to come and explore. The clarity with which they run you through the Montessori environment on your first visit to the school is remarkable. So as a parent you are aware of what your child will experience in school.

Personally, for me the Montessori way of learning at Little Peepal Montessori. has helped my
son progress by leaps and bounds, which I don’t think would have happened in any mainstream school. The sense of independence, achievement and the calm, the child develops is truly amazing. I have seen him blossom in the last three years and he has loved every minute of it. The teachers are compassionate and treat them as” little adults”. They are given the freedom, with certain number of rules. They observe and guide them without too much of an interference. This gives the child an immense sense of responsibility and a keen interest in
learning. The teachers have helped our son develop his individuality to a large extent. At Little
Peepal Montessori, all the learning happens with the help of Montessori materials. They are
taught math and language. A bit of geography and science is also introduced, and the child
begins to develop an understanding of the world and is curious to explore and learn. They also
emphasize on the social, emotional and cultural aspect as well. I must say that the exposure, a child gets at the primary level in Little Peepal Montessori is tremendous.

Without any doubt Little Peepal Montessori has been the best choice for us, and the finest
learning experience for our son. Thanks to Malvika and her team and wishing them all the best. I would recommend Little Peepal Montessori to any parent without hesitation.
Kamna George, Parent
I have pleasure in awarding a five star rating to Little Peepal after having watched how my grandson was attending its online classes.

Normally, to make the little ones sit in one place isn’t easy. But the manner in which the
coaching staff handled the activities made it possible for my grandson to look forward for the
classes daily (even on holidays!!) Improvement on his inquisitiveness, attentiveness and
eagerness to participated are noteworthy.
Paddy Pathmanaban, Grand Parent
Quite an authentic montessori school. Their activities are all aligned with montessori concepts
and are well thought through in terms of planning and execution at every step, making children work independently. The activities even in these online classes follow the child’s developmental needs and interests. Keeps the children properly engaged while learning without having to “make” them sit, attend and pay attention to class.
Salma Nazmi, Fellow Montessori Patron
My daughter started with lpm after lockdown.the school has a full Montessori setup for the kids. My daughter enjoyed her time there. She was very fond of the activities she did in the school. Malvika is very patient and approachable when it comes to explaining things to the parents and the children. We as parents really found the school very good . It inculcates the basic rule of Montessori education i.e the child being independent. I would recommend the school to parents who are looking for early start of Montessori education for their kids.
Padmini Surapaneni, Parent
A wonderful school where the teachers and management really cares for every child. They take
the time with each child to understand his developmental needs and give lessons with individual attention. They even volunteer to provide special individual class timings (apart from regular school hours) for the child if it is needed.

They are very keen on following Montessori as prescribed by the international association. Malvika, the Founder, has a very deep knowledge about Montessori education and is always ready to explain to anyone who has questions.

They even help with personal concerns about how things can be done at home to aid the child in learning, which is so helpful during these pandemic times.
Bhoomija N, Parent and Montessori Patron during Covid
Little Peepal is one of the best finds for my kid. From the personal experience, I cannot find any one negative point about this whole schooling. If anyone wishes to enroll your child in
Montessori way of teaching, you can blindly go ahead with this school choice. Their
methodology of conducting this education system is simply outstanding with due care on every little aspect of the child’s overall growth and learning. From amazing classrooms with such spacious, clean, bright work areas to the teacher’s fabulous connect with the kids, each thing taught and learnt at this school shall provide a great foundation for the child. Child’s discipline and the overall attitude is shaped here. Kudos to all their efforts, activities and diligence in which they perform everything commendably needs a special mention. Wish the school a great going.
Manoji Krishnamoorthy, Parent.
After witnessing some of the interactions of the school with parents as well as the teachers with the children, I definitely feel that this little school has the child at the core. It seems obvious that the management of this school is not focussed on large numbers and building up the school but rather is focusing on the individual child’s needs and the child’s understanding of how to be responsible and function as a member of the community.

During the in-person classes in their lovely school before the pandemic, the classrooms were
quiet and filled with children going about their work by themselves or in small groups with
amicable collaboration. I am again witnessing in the online classes that the children are calm, creative, confident in their interactions and very interested in learning. As a fellow Montessorian, it gives me a good feeling to know that the child’s all-round education is centered.
Safiya Nathir, Montessori Educator
The children are very happy in this school. This is a place where they are allowed to talk when
they want and they automatically begin to learn the social etiquette of knowing when to talk
and allowing others to talk. As a parent, i know that this is such a valuable life lesson.

And the lessons are given like demonstrations using objects and pictures and text. A
combination of this really gives different children different methods of learning. And apart from the usual school subjects, so much importance is given to general knowledge, crafts that require simple but refined skills, current news, etc. Clearly our child knows so much more than just what is in books.
Stany Prasana, Parent
I highly recommend” Little Peepal Montessori School “the teachers and the support staff are so kind to the children, truly encouraging each to their strength. The school is true to the
Montessori practice and is not a blend. My daughter studied here for about 10 months and
loved to attend the school and learn.. Moreover feel the warmth of the atmosphere . It isn’t
school… ‘Temple’ in our view.
Sudha Shivakumar, Parent.