Primary Environment (2 .5 – 6 years) 

What is taught in the Primary Montessori classroom?

The term ‘primary’ in Montessori refers to education for children between the ages of 2.5 and 6 years. The prepared environment of a primary classroom is ‘scientifically’ designed to support the child who is at an age where he absorbs at ease (like a sponge) and learns at his own individual rhythm.

Areas of the prepared environment support the following categories of activities:

Practical Life – To develop concentration and coordination

Sensorial – To develop and refine the senses

Math – To develop the logical mind

Language – To interact with society

Science (Nature) – To learn about the wonders of the world from botany to zoology

Geography and Culture – To study the physical forms of the earth and civilizations

Arts – To express the inner self

Physical Education – To develop and refine control over the body and movements and practice co-operation

The Primary children also benefit from their active involvement in caring for themselves and their environment. They are allowed pro-active participation in all festivals, celebrations and programmes conducted in the school – from the unpacking and setting up for the occasion up to the end when everything used has been put away carefully, the children have an active role of responsibilities. The trust extended to every child allows them to blossom and become keen to learn just how everything works.